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STALKER NEWS - a collection of news from the wide world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R! Inspired by the Russian modding site Ap-pro.

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Welcome all,

to our first article of Stalker News, inspired by the the Russian modding site Ap-pro!
News sources will be linked alongside the news.
Hope you enjoy reading. Please leave feedback in the comments.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. UE4

Ivan Sorce, the project lead published two new videos on his Youtube channel showcasing the project's new AKM and BTR! (Source)

He also later posted two new collections of screenshots. Some highlights are posted here, full collection is available at the source. (First Collection Source) (Second Collection Source)

Ivan Sorce recently posted a video testing the new main menu of his project. (Source)

Gloom City

A new collection of screenshots from the Gloom City mod! (Source)


The authors of "S.C.O.P.E" recently told the public they finished populating the Garbage location, which also includes NPC and mutant A-life. Now they're going to be starting work on the Great Swamp location.

Speaking of which, they recently released a short video taking place in the Swamps! (Source)

A short video and a couple of new screenshots of the project in-development, S.C.O.P.E.! (Source)


A new alternate version came out for NLC 7, called "Escape to the Past". This alternate version makes NLC easier by changing many aspects of the mod that make it not for everyone. Download link in available here (rus.) - Link

The Journey

The developer of The Journey mod shared more development news on his Moddb page, saying:

Greetings stalkers.

Today a quick catch-up about beta test first.
The version in test is the first beta (0.4). The main story is setup, most spawns and creatures are here.
It looks like you can finish the mod with no major issues, just a few logic bugs. It is stable, no crashes reported, and it seems to be as fluid as the vanilla game, with no performances issue whatsoever.

I am quite happy with the feedback, I was expecting a lot more troubles.
Features will be added alongside the usual bugfixing, a lot of improvements will come.

This allows me to focus on the cool stuff for a moment, and for the first time since I started this project, I am having fun.
I am finally doing what I thought would be my main task, reworking models and textures. Boy, was I wrong.

Anyway, old friends with new clothes, let me show you a couple of mutants WIP.
They look great ingame (screenshots from a test map with a crappy naked terrain), and I'll probably update a couple more.
I also created new skins for one the factions, I'll keep this as surprise. See you next time. Stay safe.

Some highlights are posted here, full collection is available at the source. (Source)


A.R.E.A. devs released a new update - 1.1618 - which contains major bug fixes and performance improvements! (Source)


The author of the 1984 mod published a new atmospheric screenshot. Check it out! (Source)

Legend Returns

The main features of the patch notes for the upcoming Legend Returns update has been revealed! Here they are:

- Bugs and errors fixes;
- Updated models and balance of mutants. Mutant hunting will now become more interesting;
- New NPCs with dialogues and new quests;
- New types of cyclic quests;
- An updated weapons pack;
- Updated graphics;
- A storyline continuation for the Duty faction. More quest chains for the Military, Freedom and Bandits are in the plans. A rework of the already-existing main storyline.

Release date of said update is currently unknown. (Source)

Lost Alpha DC Extended: Gunslinger Addon

Our first view of the GUNSLINGER Mod adaptation for the Lost Alpha DC mod! Release date's unknown at the current state. (Source)

Developers of the Gunslinger Addon For LA:DCE have published a new video, showcasing a new gameplay mechanic - time slowdown! (Source)

A couple more screenshots from the Lost Alpha DC Extended: Gunslinger Addon mod. Not only have the models been ported over, but also Gunslinger's features. One of them is the new User Interface variant, which is shown of your character's watch. (Source)

True Stalker

Two new screenshots of the True Stalker mod! Release is planned to happen somewhere around this year. (Source)

Hibernation Evil - Episode: 3

Our first view of the Hibernation Evil - Episode: 3 is here! Release date is yet to be set. (Source)

Memories of the Zone

MotZ devs recently published a new article on their Moddb page:

Hey all!

It has been one year since the initial release of our project! Many things have happened, both in terms of our project and real life since then. Thank you all for the support we've been getting this entire year!

But anyways, in other news: The Memories of the Zone project is being temporarily frozen until further notice. woopersnaper, the project creator is too busy with life to be working on modding right now, and didn't want to hold the project up anymore when he's unable to. Right now, I, jjzargo will be taking hold of the project, try to build a team and complete it. And maybe woopersnaper might join in later on.

But this will take some time to do, especially when I'm already busy with another project for STALKER. Chances are, development will continue in 2022. But until then, we will all have to wait.

Thank you for reading.. and good luck out in the Zone, Stalker.

- jjzargo, Memories of the Zone Team.


SFZ Project

SFZ Project author, exDeMODER, published a trailer for the full version of his mod! That and some screenshots were shown from a new Work-in-progress location. (Trailer Source) (Screenshots Source)

Spatial Anomaly 2

4 new screenshots from the Spatial Anomaly 2 mod! (Source)

Oblivion World

A new global mod has been announced, named Oblivion World. The project is about 35% complete as of today. The project author plans to show the events that happened before the actions of Shadow of Chernobyl, but without taking in account the events of Clear Sky. The story will be shown from the perspective of a stalker nicknamed Topol. Like many other stalkers, he ventured into the Zone in search of profit. But only would he know that he'd be the one to discover the network of secret laboratories that stretched throughout the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The author promised to deliver a non-linear plot with many paths to take, which will take place in the 19 game levels. Among them are locations from the original games, builds and even locations made by other modders.

In terms of gameplay, there are plans to rework the game balance and difficulty levels, implement a weapons pack, add new factions and restore cut mutants. The weather, graphics, and the overall general art-style will be close to the old stalker builds. Development work is taking place on the OpenXRay engine for Call of Pripyat. The screenshots published by the mod author show that he's already working on the locations, graphics, and implementing the storyline. Release date is unknown as of now. (Source)

Terra Incognita

The long-awaited new materials came from the developers of the global modification "Terra Incognita". The players were presented with a demo video from the Lost City location. A distant relative of the level, apparently, has become the build location "Dead City". However, in the modification, this territory has significantly increased in size and acquired a number of new interesting places. It is worth noting that the remake of the location also includes the addition of many new 3D models, anomalous formations and lighting features. The population of the level looks no less surprising, the essence of which we learn from personal acquaintance with the storyline. The author's musical composition can be heard against the background of the video. (Source)

A collection of new screenshots taken from the "Lost City" location in the Terra Incognita mod! Full collection can be found in the source. (Source)

Project #2

A new collection of in-dev screenshots from the "Project #2" mod. As a little reminder - Project #2's goal is to restore the storyline of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mobile on the Call of Pripyat engine. Full collection can be found in the source. (Source)

Another Story

In October of last year, the creators of the "Another Story" mod stated they were freezing development for the mod, and went and released an unfinished beta version. It would've seemed, there would be practically no chances of seeing the full version ever be released. However, contrary to what many feared, the finished version came to be after 4 months and is now available to be downloaded to the public! "Another Story" is a sequel to the "Pain of the Past" mod, which was previously made by the same developer(s) and was released in April of 2020. Full collection can be found in the source. (Source)

New Project

The full version of the video showcasing some of the in-game locations from New Project! Go check it out along side the new selection of screenshots the devs recently published. The screenshots have been shot on different systems, so they don't fully reflect on the quality of the final product. Like the news above, there's too many screenshots to post here. Visit the source to check 'em all out. (Source)

C-Consciousness, 2021


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