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Arsenal Overhaul 3.1 fixed - realistic weapon handling and other refinements

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Before we get started, please check out the main-mod this one updates:

Arsenal Overhaul 3.1 by E.Nigma42

This will list all the features available in Arsenal Overhaul 3.1.

What this mod changes is as follows:

- Weapon characteristics, handling and specs
- Corrected weapon/item names & descriptions
- Standardized caliber>velocity>kinetic energy damage
- Grouped weapons, more on this below.
- New sounds for various weapons
- Updated the menu screen with artwork from Stefan Koidl
- Menu music from Kane & Lynch's OST

To help people unfamiliar with the numerous weapons and their names. I've added their group name into the weapon's title to assist people. Groups as follows;

- Pistol, your most basic defensive article. A one-handed short barrel weapon.
- MP, Machine-pistol. A one-handed SMG, usually a fully automatic pistol.
- SMG, Submachine Gun or Pistol Caliber Carbine. A two-handed compact automatic firearm.
- Carbine, Short-Barrel-Rifle. Effectively a smaller/compact version of the rifle/assault rifle platform.
- Rifle, standard centrefire-rifle. Many configurations, typically the modern assault-rifle category.
- DMR, Designated-Marksman-Rifle. Full size 7.62 rifle in battle rifle or sharpshooter configuration.
- SR, Sniper-Rifle. Bolt Action long distance precision shooting rifles.
- GL, Grenade Launcher. Launches grenade projectiles.
- RR, Recoiless Rifle. Fires a rocket-propelled grenade.
- SG, Shotgun. Weapon that fires scatter-shot or lead slug. 'k' designation means sawn-off or short-barrel.
- LMG, light-machine gun. Carbine/rifle cartridge machine gun. Light support weapon
- MG, machine gun. Intermediate cartridge machine gun, general purpose support weapon.

Background information

Pistols - Very accurate, light and highly effective on un-armoured opponents. Effective range of approx. 25-50metres
Machine Pistols - Select-fire, automatic pistols with larger magazines. Less accurate but devastating at close range. Range: 50-100metres
Submachine Gun - Compact machine-guns in pistol or smallbore calibers. Fairly accurate, high rate of fire. Same drawbacks as pistols and MPs. Range 50-200metres
Carbine - Short barrel rifles, accurate, mostly select-fire and effective against armoured opponents. Not as accurate as regular rifles. Range 100-300metres
Rifle - Mid-range rifle, usually select-fire. Very accurate and effective against armoured opponents. Lack power and accuracy at range of battle rifles. Range 200-500metres.
DMR - Typically repition fire only. Highly accurate and very effective against armour. Very heavy weapon systems and ammunition. Range 500+
SR - Bolt action/manually loading rifle. Extremely accurate and powerful, Bulky and low rate of fire. Range 500+
LMG - Smaller 5mm rifle cartridge, capable of high rate of fire but less power and accuracy relatively to GPMGs. Moderate weight. Range 300-500m
MG - intermediate 7mm cartridge, accurate and powerful but difficult to control. Range 500+
GL/RR - Explosive projectiles
SG - Shotguns, devastating at close range but ineffective beyond 50metres. Slug rounds grant longer range but aimed shots required. Range 0-100m

To maximize your weapon's effectiveness. Firing in controlled bursts of 2-4rounds or in repetition only conserves ammunition and and maintains accuracy. Longer/heavier weapons tend to fair better maintaining accuracy and control. A PKM or M249 can be fired with bursts of 10-15 rounds without drifting off target too much.

Consider your ammunition allowance. An AK74 with 350-400 rounds is a good estimation. A larger caliber weapon such as a G3 battle-rifle may only need 200-250 with the expectation that it uses less ammunition to incapacitate a target. A 9mm submachine gun uses small, light ammunition so 500 rounds can compensate for its categories use. Similarly an M249 LMG despite having a similar cartridge to the AK74 could use 600rounds if used in a support manner.

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