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News about new version of Conservative Soup + Special Edition/Rel - March 21, 2020.

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Hello everyone interested and disinterested!

At the moment, work is underway on a new version of conservative soup, and is almost finished. Now I am testing, detecting/fixing remaining bugs and doing optimization. In the new version, a bunch of bugs and flaws were fixed, added a lot of new content. Completely reworked sounds, graphics, weapons, balance components. I work alone and only in my free time, of which I have very little :( That's why I can not say for sure about the release date, because i am trying to do more stable product on the release.

Also, I want to appeal to people who are looking for something new and revolutionary in Stalker modding - there is no such thing here. No 3D scopes, no new story, no RTX, no full/non-full reloads etc. Conservative Soup - its just another attempt to improve and diversify the gameplay of the vanilla Call of Pripyat, in order to get new impressions from the passage of the old game.

Thanks for attention :)


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