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We’ve got Map System, Buoyancy Mechanic, Multiple Profiles, Tutorial Redo, HUD relayout, and of course many many fixes!

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We’ve got Map System, Buoyancy Mechanic, Multiple Profiles, Tutorial Redo, HUD relayout, and of course many many fixes!

Map system released! We already got some ideas on how to improve it, but please give us your feedback!

Press “M” to open the map.

The map only charts the zones. The map always shows which zone the player is in and is starts centered on the player. The player can click and drag on the map to move around on it.

Player will notice a button called scan area. Player will need Makeshift Batteries to scan each time. Makeshift Batteries can be made in crafting.

Scanning the area will reveal all the zones around you indicating what the dominant feature of that zone is by marking it with aesthetically pleasing icons.

We’ll keep adding things to it, so please keep adding your ideas. Also due note, about the optimization. Since the world is infinite, there is little testing done on what the effect would be having so much of the map filled, because the map can just keep getting filled. Obviously we’ll find some good solutions later down the road.

There is no waypoint system currently, we are working on a good method for players to be able to organize them and access them easily. Same applies for the minimap waypoints, since they are simple at the moment.


You’re gonna hate it! Hope you guys have been researching those smart motors ;P

How it works:

Buoyancy works off of 100%

Under 60% and your boat will have flooded. Your boat will literally lower to surface to the water, water can be seen in the cabin and boat will move at a much slower pace.

1 2

Under 10% and your engine will have flooded and your boat will look like it’s about to sink. No explanation there.

2 3

How fast you regenerate your buoyancy is decided by your rate stat which are most commonly found on motors which are equipped to pumps.

You will really need to be careful when fighting now. The boat is now fine china...

Village Formations added:

4 3

On your travels, not only will you find random npc homes, but you also find them huddled together in groups with merchant ships leaving them. Their perimeter marked with small buoys.

5 3

HUD Changes:

Moved health hud to the left bottom corner, changed the layout to be more fancy.

Boat HUD only displays when the player is driving, better freeing up the screen. Used the same minimalist approach. HUD is moved to bottom right corner.

Players can press F2 hit have the boat HUD appear at all times

Navbar moved to the top of the screen.

Left top corner is left a little empty, will add a small calendar up there soon.

Changed Inventory to “Tab” and Pause to “P”


We also changed the tutorial, player will no longer be contacted by Professor Goodman. Instead it is replaced with quest texts to indicate 5 different steps to get the player acquainted with the game.

3 3

We took out the story because we were telling it wrong. We have a ton of lore we'd like to release, but are having trouble on how to make them easier to digest. Also we plan to add character customization so we needed to think of a more gender neutral story for the beginning.

The instruction are more direct and will assume you have experience in survival games to be able to figure things out on your own. The Goodman tutorials were in place during a time when the game literally had nothing. There was no Leavenworth! it was just 3 houses huddled together... But now it seems Goodman is just holding the player back. The story will be brought back but in a more entertaining fashion.

MULTIPLE Profiles:

When the player starts a new game, it will ask them to make a new profile name. Players will now be able to load multiple profiles.

Patch Notes:

-Platform and buoy duplications fixed

-Found the problem with the loot respawns. They were causing double reports which were extending the respawn time by double everytime. This has been fixed now. However, players loading saves with this problem already will need to go through the first cycle of the duplicated reports before it goes back to the normal spawn rate. Players who start a new game will not have this issue.

-The 2 new achievements Under Pressure and The Turtle Express are now working.

-Orca is now properly shaking the screen when hitting the boat.

-Having the Trade Barge now attracts waster gunboats to you.

-3 Story NPC building is no longer disappearing after the player blows up the home’s boat

-Salter Labs added, Variant from waster camp. They are meant to be Waster camps taken over by the salters. More of the story will be revealed later.

-Hacking drones can no longer shoot through walls

-Help text added for hacking and diving

-Strength typo fixed

-Bench preview model fixed to indicate true placement

-Beacons no longer spawn enemies when first rendered, instead they will flash red, sending out a distress signal which then in turn spawns enemies. This makes the world much more peaceful and navigable. Also should improve performance.

-Waster camps and salter labs added to the database pool, this should improve performance for anyone experiencing fps drops from last patch

-Sleep until morning fixed

-Logansport NPC positioning fixed

-Fixed the towing of platforms, should not be rotating them now

-Mouse sensitivity for scrolling increased

-Mouse sensitivity option added to the options menu

-Trade Barge colliders fixed

-Invisible collider above player built ramps has been removed

-Hitting the Gunboat cabin will apply damage to the gunboat

-Fuel Max button added

-Wood Ash and Human Waste stack size has been increased to 2000

-Biofuel stack size has been increased to 500

-Player can now remove platforms the same way they placed them, make sure you have cleared your platform of all furniture and parts

-Black Box loot added to the drone that crashes from the intercept tower. Low drop rate

-Contract Icon added for Abyssal Worm

-Shotgun Shells text fixed

-”Can’t Open right now” text added to the container ship doors.

-Loot containers now display loot instead of interact

-Player spawns with the engine already equipped in the boat

-Experimental branch disabled

Known Issues:

-To avoid the UI feeling clunky, remember to double tap the interact buttons. We have a much bigger fix for all this as we plan to overhaul how players get their loot in future updates.

-Still working on the sharks getting stuck, best way is to back up in opposite direction.

-Furniture placement and all the base building stuff is being focused on after the 0.35 update

-Rough waves are throwing players out of loot range, this is a big one, but we need you guys to wait a little longer. Not many games experience this problem since they are mainly based on a static surface.

-Trade Barge not appearing after reloading is intended. It needs to be done in one go

Thank you,


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