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Today's daily devlog about the progress of Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale. Includes a list of improvements, bugs, and features, as well as upcoming tasks and in progress tasks being completed.

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Development Log for 2/3/2015

Change Log

  • Bug in Death Curse System: When player is being afflicted by the Death Curse Venom state, if attacked by monster, player will almost immediately be sent out of combat. Cause unknown.
  • Markstone System Implemented: Markstones allow for instant travel to hub town. Cannot be used inside of combat, used via the S key.
  • The Upwelling Boss Theme was added to the IndieDB page and Youtube channel.
  • Death Curse System Buff: Players only have three minutes to their timers, and monsters reward with a boost of an additional four minutes. This is to provide for increased urgency in fighting. In addition, the curse now reduces the player's total health to 10% of their total health. If not in the immediate area of Hanaru Village, this can be fatal.
  • Maps are being increased in size: Due to how quickly the player can move around, the game maps are getting a general increase in size. Filler maps are likely to also be implemented to boost travel time.
  • Town NPCs: Town NPCs for Hanaru Village and the Woodmill Camp directly outside are complete. More NPCs to Hanaru Inn likely, also more quests in the future may be likely.
  • Current World Borders: South Ancient Hills leads to Ancient Desert, Ancient Desert locked. Ancient Hills North Road leads to Ancient Shores, Ancient Shores locked, but may be opened at a later date.
  • Minor Bug: When starting the game, the second companion strangely has spearmen armor, as well as the spearmen skill Leg Sweep. Issue under investigation.
  • Modified timer font to Bell MT
  • Added multiple switches and common events for more versions of Death Curse system
  • Made Horde Trees an encounterable mob in Secret Dungeon: Forest Temple
  • To Do: Expand Forest Temple (Complete), Build Lost Light Cathedral ((Main Dungeon)In progress), Build Ruins of Dom'orond (Main Dungeon)
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