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We've been hard at work the last month taking your feedback into account and fixing up the game. We've not got an early access version ready and we've gone to Greenlight to try get our game out there. Info on both of those things and the latest game changes below!

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Welcome back,

We've been absent for a little bit fixing things up and preparing the early access game. So here it is for those interested-

If you try the game please, please, please leave us some feedback on it!

So what's new? We've fixed how powerful the projectiles were, given Mr Happy a little bit of a damage wave when he throws his shield down. My Happy also has a shield barge attack to mow down enemies and break certain barriers. The Enemies spawn more often and are tied to where your characters are placed. So if you're not moving them wisely, watch out the NPC's will be on the hunt.

Aside from the character updates there is now a credit system. Right now they make the radius surrounding death larger, allowing Roddy to venture out further. There are 10 levels in as of July '15 and they are randomly generated so it'll be a new experience each time.

That's about it for now as far as new features go. We'll be updating a lot more in the coming weeks once the next lot of feedback comes in.

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