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Square Heroes Beta updated! Free multi-player, single-player, hilarious and action packed get it now!

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Square Heroes Beta has been updated, thanks to everyone for their hilarious action packed skirmishes so far. Changes include: new map, new music, various improvements and a couple fixes affecting some people.

The Beta is free – play against your friends online, on the couch, or compete in the Single Player Tournament now!

Run the game and it will update itself, or if you do not have it installed yet: get it at the above link.

The final release will contain a full single player campaign (the Tournament) and many more hats, achievements, weapons and maps! The current XP Level cap of 10 will be lifted and there is the possibility of new and exciting game modes...

Of course being a Beta release, there may be problems. Please report anything odd you see (or any awesome ideas you have) to the Square Heroes Beta Discussion Page.

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