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Last night was Guy Fawkes Night here in the UK, and we spent our evening as a guest on the radio!

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Amid the fireworks of Guy Fawkes night our resident musician Matt (of the Square Chainz team) was live for 2 hours on the awesome beta wave radio ( talking about all things Square Chainz and #IndieDevHour as indie gamers and devs asked their questions and posted their work.

It was an unexpected honour to have been asked to speak on the radio so soon after launch, we're really pleased with how well the game has been received and if we can offer any of our advice, particularly for newbie developers then just get in touch,

Thanks so much to @Vlakmaker of Beta Wave Radio for inviting us to talk. If you haven't listened to beta wave radio already, get yourself over to or follow @BetaWaveRadio on Twitter.

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