Well the Last version of SPQR Total War mod is finally released. I hope everyone enjoys it. Battle Maps are greatly improved and there are some new models and skins for Egyptian and Barbarian units. I would have revamps ALL of the Barbarians but the artist for models wasn't able to finish the job.

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Here is a list of some of the new changes.

Latest Changes\ Update Log: 09/29/2014

===== SPQR Total War: 9.0 ====

198. Roma Surrectum 2 Map addon to SPQR mod custom fitted to work with the mod by RS2 team.
199. Improved Urban Cohort Model and features
200. Fixed Graphical Bug with Egyptian Infantry Banner
201. Updated graphics for Main Menu and Loading Screens (more polished now)
202. Adjusted Roman Legionaries, Principes, and Hastatii to 180 men per unit, this was due to house rule of replenishment and hence needed a little more men to last.
203. Improved Fleet use and added transport ships
204. Added Greek Sword Auxilia unit
205. Fixed unit cards for Eastern Auxilia units
206. Marius reforms now happen when you take the city of Rome and have an Imperial Palace.
207. Fixed script error to allow for spawning armies to appear properly
208. Fixed invalid Traits and Ancillaries etc.
209. Removed Greek, Armenian, and Numidian Legionaries
210. Replace model and skin for Eastern Light Auxilia
211. Replaced Model and Skin for Late Legionaries
212. Replaced Model and Skin for Praetorians
213. Added new banners and buttons
214. Egyptian units completely replaced with new more realistic units
215. SPQR battle map improved to be less hilly with less trees in open ground
216. Added New German, Gual, Dacian models and skins from Algaman
217. Changed Regular Spear units to Light Spear to make better battles
218. Mass redone for all unit to prevent excessive pushing

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