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An insight to the diabolical masterminds behind the havoc being caused in Paradox Juno.

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Parcel was a government/military funded organization (formerly known as Parasol) with the intention of increasing human base functionality without severe side effects. Far too many incidents ensued after the initial phase testing of 8LUC8R0 and lost all funding for the project.

For several years they operated as a medical testing station (Hence why they could get away with this kind of thing), but also continued work on 8LUC8R0 under the canvass. Merv Vicious caught wind of the underground work that Parcel were working on, and offered to, underhandedly, fund them for this revolutionary bacteria. So from being known as Parasol, they changed their name to Parcel.

First started were the testing on animals, years went by, and all the while Parcel were filtering out the issues with the bacterium. Finally, they came up with the perfect, final version of 8LUC8R0. All they needed then was human subjects, the tests went swimmingly with animals, why wouldn't it work with human genetic makeup?

An so now, they conduct tests on the unknowing subjects, calling it, The Freeman Project.

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