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We are currently completing preparations for the character editor. Players will be able to manage their character design, usability and make important influences on the entire crew of the vessel.

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SplashBlades NEWS #1 - "Character editor"

Hi there we are here with our first message. It concerns to the character editor. In our game it will be very important part of playability. We worked on many face shapes and items variations for everybody. Character will affect the mobility of the vessel, the power rate and many other aspects which makes player stronger. In the future we would like to create direct combat between players on vessels. However, there is lot of functionality to complete and it will take us some time. Here are a few images for the show :

Character editor preparation

Bonus picture: Low poly sharks will be soon finished. They have "5 levels" and this is a sample of two basic models in Maya.

Sharks in progress

Project SplashBlades continue ...

You’ll have the opportunity to join to the Beta community that is being prepared. We are finishing physics simulation of a battle between two vessels. Players can build a vessel according to their own requirements and improve its sailing features and drive ability - weight, motors, sails, etc . . . Players will be also able to use a variety of weapons in combat ships such as harpoons or nets. You can look forward to various new features, as well. If you have any tips and advice please contact us.

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