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Everything from Splash Slides and Dubstep, Just what the Title says.

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We're filling out everything, putting in narration, music, splash screens... and trying to make dubstep. One problem we've run into is that narration isn't loud enough, so we need to boost that, as well as making sure the splash screens are done well and centered. Now we were surprised to find that dubstep is a lot harder to make then previously thought. We tried blenders, vending machines, dryers, dish washers, cats, and chalk boards. Literally everything we could think of but nay, the stepping dub was nary to be found. We did have some fantastic team members stand up and give it a shot, finally producing something that everyone liked, and we're bound to give you sample of it soon enough! That's about it for today's post, and we hope to have this thing released and ready before long! :)

Have a fantastic wub wub day, (hehe dubstep refrence)


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