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Some news about new version of Spirinity and SpirinityOP4.

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Hello. It's been a while, eh?

Spirinity v0.4 is almost ready but I'm not going to publish the mod files yet. You can download and build it from GitHub. OR you can download the OP4 version, which is basically Spirinity v0.4 but with Opposing Force entities.

Ah, yes. OP4 version is available now. It works in general but the campaign is a bit buggy and I'm working on fixing that. But now, this version should be very well enough for prototyping and beta mapping.

Back to Spirinity v0.4, what's changed?

Added Grayscale post-processing effect.
Added Borderless Fullscreen option. (Check the advanced tab)
Added Blood Puddles.

Known Issues (Will be fixed)

Water is not rising
Buttons are a bit broken ( Thanks for reporting the bug, MatNie )

I'm working on fixing these issues and will be fixed fastly, I hope. When these issues are dealt with, I will release the new version of Spirinity.

Until then, have a good lifetime.

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