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Spinning Heroes Update Covers Our Still Unchosen Engine And The Beyblade Editor!

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Spinning Heroes
This is our first post, the game will feature Story, Multiplayer, Tournament and the Beyblade Editor where you can choose parts to modify as in colours and edges!
The game still is unknown of the engine but possibly it might be a custom built engine. The game has lots to offer. There will be DLCs and more updates as time goes on.
Spinning Heroes is more than it will look like with awsome combat. Plus online every week there will be a top player online, if you are a top player of the week you will be awarded the super rare steel beyblade that is stronger than any other. Every year on the other hand, the top player of the year will unlock the Sensei Beyblade an extremely rare beyblade strong enough to destroy the arena itself. If you have any question regarding th project ask!


We also need people of MOD DB to help us, at the moment we just need concept artists and writers. Thanks Luke!

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