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So, this is a short update for everyone~ I have updated the obstacle system. Spikes will no longer appear, and Red Square Boxes will appear as entities to avoid. The moving spike has been replaced with the "Slamming Hammer," which is shown in the preview image of this news article! Also, the code for the character movement has been changed. The player will not be able to slip around in ice like before now, meaning that more precise platforming can be done.

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Since the spikes and their hitboxes have been giving many players trouble, I've decided to remove them entirely and use another obstacle...the evolution of the red square. Many of you players have seen the red square appear in some levels (level 3, for example), but I've decided to change the way they look and make them more obstacle-like

This goes the same for the moving spikes. I've replaced them and made them into smashing hammers, which are looking (temperature-wise :))

The code for the character movement has been changed, so I can assume that you all won't be going nuts, slipping off the platforms like it's ice! (The Ice World will obviously use that system :D)

Clouds have been updated, some background things are being updated at this moment
Still figuring out how to fix the music, it should be working soon

I'll be editing World 2 and World 3 more seriously as well, and get to my blueprints for the brand new WORLD 4.

Anyways, an update is coming soon, hope you all had a nice 2014 and let's look towards to this bright 2015!!

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