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Magic pays an important role in Spellhunt. See what we have to offer.

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Spellhunt combines story game with real time combat in a fantasy setting.
Obviously, for a fantasy game with "spell" in its name there must be magic!
We've spent quite some time designing the system which we want to show you now, but truth be told, we're buzzing with new ideas and we tweak and change things constantly, so what you'll see now may in fact not be the same in the final product.
But first, let's see the graphics from a close up. Everything here is work in progress, there are a lot of things missing, like you'll notice the sky is empty.


Game will be divided into two:
1) Story mode (roughly 50% of the game) which will happen either in visual novel-like interface (that is, a picture with some texts, dialogs, etc.) or on a map.
2) Tactical mode, which screen you can see above. It will resemble games such as Myth series, which we love.
Tactical mode will feature typical aspects of gameplay you might be familiar with, you'll command units, you'll have resources on your disposal for making bigger armies and you'll try to defeat the enemy. Unlike purely tactical games like Myth or Dark Omen, we will add a basic economy model, however all of it is the base for our true goal: the magic system.
You, the player, will control a necromancer, summoning armies and casting lots of cool but deadly spells.
For the game, to add maximum immersion and allow the player to feel more like the character he/she will be playing we're working on a rune-shape drawing magic system. Using the given resources (mana and spell ingredients) as well as a spellbook with runes, you'll cast spells by drawing rune shapes on your screen.
Here you can see the most basic of runes, a simple line.


Depending on the runes you draw, as well as how well you draw them, you'll get different spell results.
Spells are divided into 4 categories, and so far, the system works in an organized fashion, first drawn rune determines which category your spell will be. There are runes for basic and advanced spells, as well as division based on additional effects. We hope to get as many cool combinations as possible, so even if you mix up what you wanned to cast, you still end up with some spell with similar effect, for example instead of summoning a skeleton mage you summon a skeleton archer, or instead of casting poison spell you cast a curse.
Magic system is not all of the tactical gameplay mechanics, but its our main feature in the game.
We'll keep on going into more details with future updates as we progress with the game.
Stay tuned :)

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