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Video trailer / An explanation of how the game is designed and to give users better knowledge of what Spellborne is. Feedback is very welcome.

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After a long development phase, we finally have a lot to show you guys and talk about. We would like to present to you where BattleQuest is at the moment gameplay wise and show the direction we are headed. We are hoping you guys enjoy.


In BattleQuest there is currently no limitation on what armor you can wear except for level limitations, this allows our people to really customize how they want to fight as each armor piece has pros and cons. Usually heavier armor will have more pros against physical attack but will have poor stats with using magic or against it.

Screen Shot 2018 06 27 at 7 05 3

Currently we have 9 sets of armor (4 Melee Based, 2 [mixed] based, 3 Magic Based). You can mix and match any piece of the sets.

Each Armor set usually contains : 1 Helmet, 1 Chest, 1 Gloves, 1 Pants


One of the most important factors of our game is the ability to really customize how you want to fight by learning spells with no limitations. The factor that determines how strong these spells are will be your stats and your level along with the benefits your armor brings to the table.

Certains spells/skills will have limitations such as requiring of a certain weapon type or a shield. But there will be no limitation in stats (none that is known yet, unless we deal with balancing issues, we want to keep this factor in)

There is also a lot of customization with stats as well as you can specialize in a certain element to make those specific spells a lot stronger. This factor is not only to help the balancing but also adds a extra uniqueness to how you build your character.

What we want to allow is the user to decide how they want to build their character and really be unique as there would be millions of possible builds to make.


Currently 3 Main Cities are developed, and 2 more is on the way in-development. We want each city to have its own theme to it and its surroundings.

Currently in game

  • Japanese Themed
  • Desert Themed
  • Mid-evil Village Themed

In Development

  • Underground Sewer City
  • Forest Themed City/Village
  • Snowy/Viking Themed

Screen Shot 2018 06 27 at 7 11 0


Aside of the monsters, we do have some main villains in the game.

The Iron Knight

Screen Shot 2018 06 27 at 7 14 0

The Evil Witch

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't be shy and leave us a comment or a message and we will answer as best as possible.

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