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A sneak peak into some of the spells you'll find in Severed World and how the system works in general!

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In Severed, you can invest into any spell tree outside of class exclusive spells. A goal of ours s to promote as much diversity as possible, making customization a key focus. The bulk of your spells will be from various trees that you've chosen for your particular play-style. In addition to allowing players to dip as they desire, most spells will be fairly flexible and will generally appeal to both melee and mage builds. So while we're emphasising on freedom, we also want the purchases to be worth it for a range of builds.

Your spells can be upgraded up to ten times. Each spell point invested will increase a spell's stats and add on special effects at certain milestones. Offensive spells for example get a damage increase of 0.1* per point, providing a fully upgraded spell with double its original damage. The effects vary depending on the spell, but let's just say that level 10 spells are intended to be pretty epic compared to others!

Here's an example of a fully upgraded spell: the Fire Punch. It's a dash attack that either deals melee damage or magic damage, depending on your highest stat. At level 3 it gains a lingering fire trail, at level 5 the target is dealt 5 seconds of burn, and at level 10 incoming fire damage increases by 10% to the target for the duration of the burn.

Here are some shots of other spells in the game!

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