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Dynamically modify GameSpeed and FireRateMultiplier via a mutator configuration screen on the playstation 3.

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Having searched everywhere and not finding a mutator other than weapon replacement for the PS3 that had a working configuration menu, I decided to take on the challenge.

There are 3 adjustments that I currently cannot live without when I play offline, GameSpeed, FireRate, FOV. PCSpeedX and PCSpeedXPlus were good enough in that they did adjust the GameSpeed and FireRate, and FreeFOV adjusts the FOV, but the values should not be fixed!

Feeling bound and constricted, I was compelled to create a mutator that was going to modify GameSpeed and FireRate such as PCSpeedX/Plus but with mutator configuration menu sliders to dynamically set the values. It took some research and trial and error to get it all working on the PC for the first attempts at cooking for the PS3 but its easy enough on the PC for sure.

Dead End streets everywhere.
Cook after cook, failure in various ways and manners, many requiring PS3 reboots, the milder UI related interface stumbles just required killing off the game and restarting via the PS3 button.

The whole process I believe is a very creative barrier to entry course, so I am in no hurry to blaze a trail just yet, I enjoy the solace, after all I am practically a hermit living in NYC.

Blind debugging (trial/error).
Eventually I found the biggest clues to getting the uiscene loaded at all on the UDN site itself of all places! So for now I will not speak of that further until I release the tutorial I am working on.

Once the UI loaded, it was cool to be looking at the interface on the PS3... like looking at a turd in the toilet you know what I mean for sure. There was a big problem though, only the BACK button worked! v01 has a working UI but you cannot use the settings from the sliders in any useful way because accept is not working. The solution to this is also in the tutorial so I will let the suspense and anticipation remain for now.

Last night I solved the Accept problem and did quite the happy dance just before consuming vast quantities of um ... not food.

For now all will have to be happy with the beta of "SpeedX", complete with mutator configuration menu to set GameSpeed and FireRate to your liking. Because this is really not anything special for the PC it is PS3 only until final.

Has anyone else a mutator for the PS3 with working configuration menu?


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