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New temperature system and new tracks are building up to a new alpha release.

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There is a lot of updates in the works. A new temperature system affecting the functionality of the motor. The motor now has a "sweet spot" in regards to the temperature. Too cold or too warm and it does not deliver 100% efficiency. And if you run it way too hot it starts breaking.
There are three new tracks. A terrain with a "channel" track dug into it, a "tube track" running inside a large tubular structure, and finally a "practice" track - just a large plane with various different structures like jumps, a small wooden track, a large half pipe etc. This is where you can practice driving the JetRider to get to know the Vehicle without the stress of competing.
I also have had some re-learning time with the new shading workflow of Unity 5. But things are mowing towards the release of a new alpha version.

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