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A list of those who helped me along the way. Thank you to you all.

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Phlogis: Immense help in using modding suite, can't do it without you! He is the maker of 1991 Mod, quality stuff, check it out!

Serenity: Deep researches in finer details of units such as ammo count. She singlehandedly contributed more than hundreds of small changes.

Luey: for helping out with .xml code and making the weapons icons for me.

trinancrat: for making the python script compatibility to modding suite!

Klavis Bahn: one of the most dedicated bug reporter ever, and helped me with porting the game post SA update!

BriggsPeasant: A reliable bug reporter responsible for finding many hard to find yet major problems!

evil_kommie: Many many constructive feedbacks. Tested Blufor Mech, involved in ideas about CMW and NSWP rework.

Tyrnek: Highly indepth feedback in unit balance.

Mork: helpful rage comments.

Razzmann: Constructive criticism and Faustmann mod experience.

vLern: teaching me a new approach to balance, one coalition a time, with a design document.

Bigrikoche: Helped testing many times.

Klaver: Helped testing Red Dragon.

Ziper1221: Helped testing Blue Dragon.

Oatmilk: For testing Epic Game Store compatibility, and came up with idea of Creative Mode.

Blackhawkshines: Tester.

Artsofwar: Helped testing USA.

LepizLoca: Helped testing AI and wrote script for fast.

LethargicHotShot: Help in researching Japanese units.

Volkov_CeC: Helped testing a lot!

John_AP: for working on texture of F-2A.

MARSHalMELLOW: for research British units.

Pegacynical: for research on Swedish units.

Diammentrodon: for testing South Africa balance rework.

Crazy African: for providing many information regarding South Africa!

To be continued!

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