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This early access update not only fixes a couple of bugs, it adds a whole new way to play! We make available our original hit prototype Retro Rising Rampage which inspired much of development.

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Hey Spark Fans!

This minor update fixes some known bugs and issues, as well as adds a few useful features. Oh, and it introduces a bonus: Retro Rising Rampage!



  • Fix the “Missing Executable” bug that certain users would get
  • Fixed a crash bug that would sometimes happen when a world is generated. It was all because of a random rock. That was it. Stupid rock.


  • Adjust mouse sensitivity
  • Adjust Field of View so you can see more of your surroundings as you get plummeted from all sides
  • Added a feedback form so you give us valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t, or if you want to share a joke or two
  • Default settings for sound, music, FOV, and mouse sensitivity


  • Adjusted defaults for sound and music
  • Improved how Die Guy Lolo would react in battle when hurt
  • Adjusted difficulty settings overall
  • Remove count down timer when you die, because waiting an extra 3 sec felt like eternity says David our programmer
  • Add increased forward velocity to boost
  • An improved visual cue when you pick something up


  • Retro Rising Rampage is now included! RRR was an early prototype we built that was a viral hit. This fun little experience was passed around the offices of Activision which we found out about because a friend happened to be visiting Activision’s office that day! You can see how elements of this prototype ended up in our current version of the game:)

Speaking about bugs... :)

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