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We have been working a lot, multitude of features and fixes await in the next build, which is a huge milestone for SpaceSys and a big step towards beta.

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We have been hard at work for days.. Maybe months have passed, we don’t look that much out trough the windows..All we know it is cold all of the sudden, there are puddles on the street, and we step in them thinking on which way to go forward.

There have been lots of discussions, how to, with what, what for and why.. also with a lot of how longs and how much, but we know now. Hard decisions and sweet feelings all over :)

SpaceSys came to a phase where we can continue with our development is so many different directions that it is hard to decide what comes first, while thinking of choices, trying out some by the way, we research the future of our user interface and looking at the whole picture which becomes bigger every day and it is truly scary.

I read all over the net, something like, if your idea doesn’t scare you, you don’t think to big.. Well i think ours is terrifying. In many different ways..

If you want to get scared by the volume of work, come here at our office and take a look.

With this update, we round up two of the most important things that SpaceSys should have, complete Windows OS shell control and applications rendered inside our 3D environments. We still need to make it work as intended and polish further, but the features are there and we accomplished more than anyone in this field. Together those two features give you control of your OS in VR. That was our main goal.

At the start we did not know if we can pull it of, until we did it. We are showing off now, building our ego and we are still doing it. Slowly we realize the amount of work before us and our joy is melting down, our faces darken and our wrinkles gather again. Serious stuff follows. We are changing our company, actually 2 of them, one here in Croatia and one in USA, our team is spread across 3 continents, and here at our base in Croatia, there is a gathering.
A call to arms, shields and swords and spells. Pen and paper, some scissors too! We are about to make things happen, with might & magic, and a little help from our friends.

There is a reason for everything, that is what i always say.Lots of people look at SpaceSys thinking how they would do it if they were us, and what they think we should have done with it, like it was a peace of cake. There were people that contacted us and offered money not to do what we are doing and to change our direction. That was a bit strange, i don’t know what was that, was there any agenda behind it? Now there are teams that gather millions for development of just fragments of SpaceSys.. And that is good, we know we are on a good track, we pay attention, and draw conclusions of our own.

We are not alone in our quest.

There are other teams that touch the matter at hand, and their products such as: 3D window manager, AltspaceVR, Virtual Desktop, well, that is about it, but none of them offer or aim at what we aim for. To transfer OS completely to VR allowing you complete immersion and offer new ways of control, interaction and many new possibilities, that i already wrote about. What i was about to say, after we release this build, which i will say once more – is a work in progress, highly experimental and unoptimized, with many absent or missing features which we moved down our priority list, we will just show off what the next phase will look like when it gets finished.

We will need 3 or 4 more months until we reach beta, which will consist of these changes and implementations :

1) New graphics engine updates. From Esenthel Engine v1.0 to v 3.0

2) Optimizations to SpaceSys performance, (lots of small and big optimizations, bug fixes and new graphics features, full list of features will come in official release)
3) Adding support for Oculus Rift DK2 and above..
4) Adding Samsung GearVR support
5) Enabling Esenthel Engine editor. Allowing users to create new environments and graphics for SpaceSys
6) Adding application input control to SpaceSys – (Right now we display applications inside SSyS but have no input back towards apps).
7) Transferring all windows notifications to SpaceSys 3D GUI
8) New environments and new graphics.
9) Adding Leap motion support – gesture and hand controls.
10) Adding Kinect 2 support, gesture and voice controls
11) New control mechanics, such as window flipping, icons sorting, waypoints, bookmarks etc...

This is the approximate roadmap and the next planed features that we will explain during our development process.

We are allways looking for talented individuals and we are hiring, if you would like to work with us, or you think you can contribute in some other way please contact us on

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