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SpaceSys Alpha 0.2.0 contains the most important features for SpaceSys, live application windows inside 3D environments and 3D context menus. There are also new control mechanics for player and camera movement and lots of small features and fixes. Please read more in the newsletter.

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Hello everybody

Please understand that this build is an ALPHA, not a finished product and it does not represent the final product or the aimed quality.
We are releasing this as a preview of things to come from our studio.
SpaceSys is in early stage, and what we have done so far was a research if something like a VROSE was possible at all with the technology available to us.

You can download SpaceSys alpha 0.2.0 preview from our web site, you have to register on our forum to gain access. Here is the FORUM LINK
As this is WIP, you will find bugs within SpaceSys, we are working as hard as we can to clear out all known problems. You can expect new builds to come faster from now on, with small features updates and fixes.

Thank you!

Change log:

New features:

  • 3D Context menus with following features:

    • Real objects inside 3D environment with full support for stereoscopy mode and Oculus Rift
    • Can use physics and collide with other objects inside environment
    • Can be pinned to the owning icon (icon context menus) or to a position in the world (global menus)
    • Pinned menus and their positions / orientation are saved on exit and reloaded upon next launch of the same environment
    • Can be dragged and rotated with owning icon (icon ctx menus) or individually (global menus)
    • Context menu physics, colors, highlights, opacity and font faces are fully configurable through the Config app
    • Context menu pin object type can be configured through Config tool
  • Live Application Windows inside SpaceSys (preview feature)
    • SpaceSys now includes initial support for showing application windows inside SpaceSys environment as a preview feature
    • Using Config tool, Live WIndows feature can be turned on / off before / after running SpaceSys
    • Pressing [Pause] inside SpaceSys toggles Live Windows
    • Live Application Windows fully support stereoscopy mode and enable showing any Windows program inside VR environments using Oculus Rift (start any Media Player to watch a video inside VR or use a browser to watch Youtube, etc..)
    • Live windows now can be dragged, rotated and re-positioned inside the 3D environment (known issue - windows re-position after some time)
    • Live windows are refreshed in real time with full available frame rate, causing performance issues because of software rendering. We are stress testing the solution and we will implement hardware rendering in the next version.
    • Live windows opacity can be configured using the same setting as for the 3D context menus through SpaceSys Config tool
  • Icons, spaces, points of interest, menus, windows can be focused on with camera:
    • Middle-click any of these objects to make them a focus target
    • Zoom around them using mouse scroll button, screen edge movement or keyboard controls
  • Animations can be enabled for icons and menus trough SpaceSys config tool.
    • Choose from 2 types of animations for icons - scale / rotate on mouse over
  • Fly to a space, point of interest, menu or live app window using mouse double click and other mouse / kbd options:
    • You can enable / disable automatic fly-to newly opened context menu on a distant icon / space through the Config tool
    • Automatic fly-back to initial position after selecting an item from a newly opened context menu can also be configured
  • Move through open spaces / windows using mouse (double click 4th / 5th button) or keyboard (double left / right, TAB / SHIFT + TAB), when a space / window is selected
  • Move to previous position using mouse (4th button) or keyboard (double back)
  • Use 5th mouse button single click as mouse double click (start icon default action, browse folder..)
  • Creating a new space from any folder icon in existing spaces or icons in the world


  • Numerous changes and additions to ease mouse navigation in VR environment - very useful for stereoscopy / Oculus Rift
  • Use 3D message boxes when possible to preserve immersion with Oculus Rift
  • Numerous changes / additions to Config tool
  • Various internal changes / fixes / optimizations
  • Project stage moved from pre-alpha to alpha

Installer changes:

  • Additional shortcut in SpaceSys program menu: launch SpaceSys config as Admin

Limitations / known issues / unfinished features:

  • Live windows feature is currently only available on Windows 7 x64 SP1 OS, support for other Windows versions is planned in further development cycles
  • In order to use "live windows" feature, a single Windows Update (KB2670838) needs to be removed if already applied on the system. This is because Live WIndows currently works with a single version of D3D10_1 runtime, by replacing a single dll in System32 folder with a proxy, in order to retrieve application windows textures from Desktop Windows Manager (DWM). This limitation will be obsoleted in future version of SpaceSys and the whole feature will be transparent to the end user. You can reapply Windows Update (KB2670838) through Config tool if you don't want to use Live Windows feature preview any more.
  • [Enable Live Windows] button in Config tool restarts Desktop Window Manager after replacing a single system dll with a proxy. This can sometimes cause occasional display driver instability / performance degradation, so we recommend disabling the feature after exiting SpaceSys, or in the case you don't want to use it with SpaceSys at all.
  • Clicking [Restart Live Windows] button when Live Windows feature is enabled can improve Live Windows performance after it has been enabled for a longer period. This should be done when SpaceSys is not running.
  • Closing / resizing applications can cause Live Windows to return to their default positions
  • Certain application window classes are not properly shown inside SpaceSys
  • Dragging / pasting icons to global space can sometimes cause shortcuts to be created without a proper target. This can happen with certain kinds of special shell items but does not affect overall application performance.
  • When clicking a button in Config tool which requires elevated privileges, Config tool sometimes does not restart itself. You can use the new shortcut in SpaceSys Program menu folder "Launch Config tool as admin"
  • Some of the shell context menu items are not fully working, i.e. they do not launch the proper action when selected
  • Shell context menu sub items are not properly shown for "network" and "send to" menus
  • Choosing an item from context menu does not start an action on systems with AMD CPUs
  • Right clicking an icon does not open a context menu in some occasions, related to user distance to icon, we are investigating the issue.
  • Pressing menu key on keyboard can sometimes crash application (fixed)
  • Some icons can occasionally do not detect physics collision with a large objects (Formula, Voyager) or the terrain.
  • SpaceSys locks Oculus Rift device when running in stereoscopy mode
  • Changing back and to stereoscopy mode while SpaceSys is running, occasionally does not adjust FOV properly.

Detailed instructions for installation and launching you can find here

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