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This latest update is focused mainly on building a more extended but still unobtrusive tutorial to help people more easily find the features of the game that were already included, but we've got some other new toys as well.

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After getting a ton of requests for features I included months ago I knew I had a problem, so the priority this week was making the tutorial more encompassing without forgetting my original plan which was to hold the players hand as little as possible.

There were a few bugs that didn't come out until the public got hold of the game, the most egregious definitely being the terrible habit some aliens had of mysteriously dying while climbing stairs which has thankfully been squashed now.

You can find the game on Steam by the way.

Changelog 1.01 - 3rd March 2015

New/Improved Features

- Embiggened Tutorial: Additional tutorials have been scattered through the game at choice times to let you know about features you may not have discovered yet. The help menu has also been elaborated upon, with a full keymap included now.

- The game now automatically saves every few days to a file called "autosave".

- Prisoners can now be every race and the Wolfman species will now appear among the regular visitors.

- Middle mouse can now be held to rotate the screen for those of that preference.

- Permanent Resident limit has been removed from the Policy menu, the only limit to residents now is how many empty Private Rooms you have.

- Default cam speed has been slowed down.

- Volume controls now exist in the options menu off the title screen and volumes are no persistent globally rather than along individual saves.

- Worker drill sound effect has been changed to one with a less piercing pitch.

- Overloading the power system now results in a big red alert rather than a little message.

Bug Fixes

- Effect volume now correctly effects Worker sound effects.

- Show Oxygen correctly defaults to off when restarting a game.

- Battlecruiser from the refugee event is now correctly removed up if you quit and restart.

- Visitors no longer trip over and instantly die while climbing stairs. (Lucky noone worked out how to use stairs yet :-)

- Various tooltip texts fixed.

- Beds no longer appear in commercial areas (what kind of business were they running anyway?)

- Generators can no longer catch fire until they are at least finished being built.

- Screen resolution list is now scrollable for those with monitors that support more than 20 different resolutions.

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