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Space Station building and alien tourist murder simulator released on Steam. Get it now for about $5.

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It's finally time to get out there and face the harsh, unforgiving blackness of space and try and carve out your own little tourist paradise.

Start with little more than a glorified shipping container and build it up into a tourist mecca, prison hell and/or a bastion of commercialism. To meet the needs of various alien species who may be visiting for business, pleasure, or as high-security wards of the state.

It can be harsh, a single asteroid hit can send air flowing down the corridors and out that new, unplanned viewing port, but at least the lack of oxygen will put out the fires.

Important Features

  • Build a space station.
  • Oxygen flows freely through open doors and stops at closed ones, get creative to bleed oxygen from rooms to fight fires and unwanted guests.
  • Encounter strange sci-fi phenomena such as giant energy aliens, warps in space-time and heaps more.
  • Manage the fickle needs of various slimy aliens and slimier humans.
  • Unhappy aliens go rogue, that makes everyone unhappier.
  • Set aside areas for your passengers to set up shop, a free market is good for the economy.
  • A high oxygen environment can lead to fires, fires which will propogate if left uncontrolled.
  • Keep that hull intact! Lack of oxygen kills customers as well and that can lead to a reduction in repeat business.
  • Fully 3D environment, view from a distance or fly in and try an eavesdrop on your customers conversations.
  • Protect or simply rebuild after asteroid showers and various other spacey horrors.


Looking forward to this,Glad to see it on Steam finally

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