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Take a sneak peek of planets that made Dummy Life levels unique and memorable!

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Space is amazing! When I started development of Dummy Life, I know I wanted the environment for the game to be mainly exterior. This gives me the chance to capture the awesomeness of space into the game by bringing breathtaking spacescapes to life. Ontop of that I wanted each level to feel unique and memorable. Below are some animated gifs captured in game that shows off the different planets.

Enormous storms cause lightning to shoot out from the planet

A lava planet in an unnamed nebula

Strong winds on a moon

Black hole

Overlooking a dying star

A moving sun that lights the environment dynamically

Three moons orbiting a green star

An active volcano planet with huge volcanic eruptions that are visible from space

Terra planet behind a docking bay

A water world with magnectic fluids.

The giant waves create planet wide aurora that is visible from space.

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Dummy Life is currently out on and will be coming to Steam soon!
You can also try out the demo for free: (32bit) (64bit)

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