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The Predator is a battle tank employed by the Space Marines. It is a more heavily armed and armoured version of the Rhino personnel carrier. There are two major patterns of Predator, the Destructor and the Annihilator, primarily distinguished by their specific weaponry. The Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters employ the assault-oriented Baal Predator.

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The Predator Destructor is the original model of Predator battle tanks, with its origins dating back to the Dark Age of Technology. The Predator was built in direct response to the threat of Orks, which were proving difficult for humanity to handle. Its combination of heavier armour and weaponry allowed the Predator to withstand Orkish attacks and easily destroy their vehicles. Soon the Predator became the standard fighting vehicle for all of humanity's armies, and would remain in that position throughout the Great Crusade, where its small troop carrying capacity would be replaced with space for more ammunition.[1a] Eventually, similar to the Rhino it was based off of, the Predator Destructor would be restricted to use by the Space Marines only.[Needs Citation]


The main turret armament on the common Mars-pattern MarkIV-b Predator Destructor is the Syrtis pattern Autocannon, which is constructed with an automatic ammunition feed, muzzle flash suppressor and discharge extractor. The weapon is aimed by the vehicle commander/gunner through a multi-spectral remote targeting surveyor and accuracy talisman.[1a] It fires explosive ammunition, each round larger than a Space Marine's fist, which easily chew through heavily-armoured infantry and light vehicles.[2a]

The side sponsons can mount a variety of weapon though the most common - either Heavy Bolters for close defense or Lascannons for additional anti-tank firepower. The sponson weapons are remotely controlled from the turret and aimed through similar surveyors.[1a]

Some Tech-Priests speculate that once the main auto-loading ammunition feeds were more efficient and able to cycle rounds at a faster rate than the Predator's systems of M41. Even if it is likely true, the older pattern of autoloader is thought to be long lost, though extant examples are still hidden somewhere and waited for the technology hunters to find them.[8a]

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