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Space Hexplorer - Utility Module Break Down. Today I will be explaining the blocks that are not weapons.

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Friday I explained all the weapon blocks and today I'll be explaining all the rest.

Space Hexplorer - Utility Blocks Break Down.

  • Armor Block: This block has no active skill at all. It is a block that has 2.5X the durability as other blocks. This block is mainly used in the front of the ship to absorb damage.
  • Healer Block: This block heals all blocks within a defined radius every few seconds. This block will have lower then normal health (50% to 75%).
  • Shield Block: This block emits a shield that blocks all incoming damage. The shield is a circle that slowly recharges over time. The shields radius will decrease with every hit. The shield block is very fragile (1hp) so it should be buried behind other blocks.
  • Engine Block: Probably the most common block you'll find because every ship has them. The engine block gives turn rate and thrust to the ship. The more blocks you have the more engines you'll need to move that mass. There is a set minimum and maximum speed/turn though. Maneuverability is key to surviving in SH.
  • Command Block: This is the core to every ship. It is important to keep this block safe at all costs. If this block is destroyed the whole ship be lost. In the creator this block is always placed in the middle grid.
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