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Today features a video of 5 of the active skills that you can equip to give you an edge in combat.

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This is a list of all the skills found in the video. Times and effect are not finalized. I just added them yesterday so some might be changed dramatically.

  • Absorb Damage (0:31) - This skill heals the players block by a percentage of damage it takes while the skill is active.
  • Shield Bubble (0:57) - Creates a shield bubble that deflects any enemy fire and enemies themselves. This shield lasts until it is depleted. Unlike shield blocks it does not have a recharge.
  • Mine Field (1:19, 1:36, 1:50) - This skill creates mines for every block your ship has. The mines act like normal mines.
  • Warp (2:00 - 2:22) - propels the ship forward X number of meters. Forward is the direction the ship is facing.
  • Freeze (2:37) - stops all action from enemy ship for a time.
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