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Some of the things we've added to Space Farmers recently: Jet Packs! Grinders! Pigs! ...wait, what?

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Some of the things we've added to Space Farmers recently:

  • Jet Packs!
  • Grinders!
  • Pigs!...wait, what?

Yes, we're continuing to work very hard on Space Farmers here at Bumpkin HQ!Currently our main focus is adding some of our most wanted features/gadgets into the game so we can get some video footage and create a proper game play trailer. This means a lot of content creation and coding and since we're fast running out of funds it's also a race against time!
We added in a large "Grinder" that chases the players through an area of the game as they have to navigate through scenery (that the grinder makes mincemeat out of) as well as blasting any enemies that get too close. It's not exactly cooperative teamwork, but we've had a real laugh testing it.

Another feature we've added is the ability to lift pigs (they're cube shaped and are basically our version of the companion cube) using special power gloves. The idea behind these is that the player holding the pig cannot shoot, so it's up to your partner to defend you while you do the heavy lifting. There are a couple of bugs with this at the moment but nothing serious or that will stop us recording for the trailer.

We've also added in Jet packs (we're working on the level layout for this gadget at the moment) and also a sentry gun that fires vegetables! But we'll hopefully have more to show on that in the next update.

Check out our play testing video below!

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