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Hello, Engineers! This week’s update contains more improvements to the overall game and modding. Most noticeably, we’ve added lens flares to the sun.

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This should also be fully moddable so I look forward to seeing what modders can come up with. Please let us know your feedback on this graphical update in the comments below.
Interior wall emissives will no longer be affected by changing the colour of the block itself and trash removal settings are now saved upon the reload of a world. Also, when you open the G screen, you will now be able to start typing in the search box immediately as it selected by default.
Last week we added arrows to the block ghosts of LCD screens so you know their orientation before you place them and in survival mode, players can no longer take blueprints of grids they do not own and cannot transfer ownership to enemy players.
In other news, the new HUD is still progressing nicely with initial implementation nearing completion after which designers will begin playtesting it. Additionally, we are working on an in-game cutscene editor. Although it is mainly designed to be paired with the visual scripting tool, you will also be able to preview cutscenes from within the game which will open up new possibilities for content creators.

Full list of new features and fixes:

Ablator - Interplanetary Fighter:
First Official Visual Scripting Guide:

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