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Space Courier is now available on Google Play for free! Compatible with phones and tablets. Web versions also available for play at GameJolt,, Kongregate and Newgrounds!

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Space Courier is an arcade space shooter where you traverse through dangerous asteroid fields and destroy cyborg aliens to deliver packages and improve your score. Each package grants a unique ability that will help you survive your journey. The goal is to reach level 20, but don’t expect anything in terms of solace. A Courier’s work is never truly done, and as long as you still have 1 of your 4 lives, the fun is endless.

Space Courier isn't quite like traditional shoot ‘em ups, it’s much slower paced and more thoughtful than that. It’s less about how many shots you take and more about the accuracy and timing of the shots you do take. Blowing apart a large asteroid into smaller chunks may not be a great idea if the asteroid is close to your ship. Enemy fire can also blow apart larger asteroids into small chunks for you to avoid. You’ll want to make sure you’re clearing your path while conserving fuel and finding and delivering the package in each level.

Packages are key, they can provide a huge advantage against the terrors of the asteroid fields. There is 1 package in each level that you must collect and deliver to the crane at the end of the asteroid field. Once the package is delivered your ship is outfitted with a new piece of equipment to help you along.

The controls for Space Courier are simple. On the web, the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys rotate your ship left and right. ‘W’ fires your lasers. Pressing ‘A’ and ‘D’ simultaneously boosts the ship in its current facing direction.

On mobile, the left and right icons rotate the ship and the tapping the target icon on the right fires your lasers. Pressing both left and right icons simultaneously boosts the ship.

Boosting is helpful in dodging enemy attacks, dodging incoming debris and most importantly, out-running missiles. However, boosting consumes fuel at a much higher rate than normal, so seeking out fuel cells becomes crucial as the need to boost becomes more essential to your survival.
Space Courier was designed with a love of early video game concepts and with the idea that mobile games don't have to be bloated with superficial content and advertising.

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