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The Soviet Union Help The Vietnamese Army stop the american take over Vietnam with these weapons

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Power Plant: Unchanged

Barracks : Unchanged except new units

Refinery: Unchanged

War Factory: Unchanged Except New units

Naval Yard: Unchanged except new units

Airbase: Unchanged except new units

Super-Reactor: Unchanged

Battle Lab: Trains Sciencetist


Bear: Unchanged

Conscript: Molotiv Cocktails now more effective against tanks

Flak Trooper: Now move a small bit faster

Engineer: Battle Bunkers Build Faster

Telsa Trooper: Fires Faster

Natasha: Unchanged

Scientists (trainded at Battle Lab)

Viehicle Scientist: Cost 1000 when beside vehicles this scientist can strenghten them

Armour Scientist: Cost 1000$ when beside infantry this scientist can strengthen their armour

Ground Vehicles:

Ore Collector:Unchanged


Terror Drone:Unchanged

The Spider: Cost 500$ a smaller less armoured version of the the sickle

Bullfrog: Unchanged

Hammer Tank: Unchanged

Telsa Tank: Cost 1400 a small tank with two small telsa coils as weapons

V3 rocket Launcher: Cost 900$ Cheaper than the v4 rocket launcher the v3 launcher has shorter range

V4 rocket launcher: Unchanged

Apocolypse Tank: Unchanged

Naval Vehicles

Ore Collector: Unchaanged

Stingray: Unchanged

Bullfrog: Unchaged

Akula Sub: Unchanged

Drednaught M2: Cost 2000$ soviets have built on to there drednaught giving it anti-air guns and and submarine missiles makeing it the ultimate sea vessell



Twinblades: Unchanged

Kirov M2: Cost 2500$ can now carry infantry and that specified infanty can shoot out

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