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second chapter in the quest to liberate the galaxy from the soviets...

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more soviet stuff

The Soviets had tracked us in our escape from Venus. Currently our ships are being loaded with cargo for a quick escape from this once-Soviet station, just below Neptune's atmosphere. With not many hands in the Insurgium of yet, my squad and I were assigned to fighter escort for the ship of our leader himself, the Iconoclast. The starfighters we were assigned to were small and not well armed. Just two Shortsword Missiles and one Pulse-Fire plasma stream weapon, mounted on a miniscule, light frame were to be crewed by two men. I was designated pilot, and Katczinsky gunner, on our fighter. "All hands to battlestations, all pilots to drones." The deck captain repeated over and over as the Soviet ship signals grew stronger. As we get into our fighter, Kat informs me "I think Obama said we were gonna be goin' to Pluto to make a base there." "Ya?" I inquire. "Also I think he was talkin' 'bout some wreckage of a ship that could be useful...the carcass of former US president Barack Obama's, our leaders father's, flagship the Academia!" "No way!" I respond to the information. "Alert 2_FA-C.44h! Repeat, 2_FA-C.44h!" Soviet cruisers detected in the immediate area!" The deck captain drones. "What, there here this soon?" I do not feel we have enough time to escape. Our fighter along with fourteen others from the Iconoclast are thrust from the ship into the vacuum of space. "Scanners detect impossible...a Pyatnitsa-class Destroyer!" Katczinsky informs me in disbelief. Pyantnitsa's are huge deadly ships, each one carrying hundreds of Soviet drones and thousands of cannons. A second ship is a small Czokanye-class Antifighter, which can be as deadly to drones as the Pyantnitsa can be to larger ships. An unfortunate second feature of the Czokanye is its ever-active chronological-breakdown fields which both make it very fast and prevent any chronological breakdown travel on a different frequency. Naturally our leaders ordered "Take down that smaller Soviet ship! To do that is to ensure escape, the Pyatnitsa doesn't have direct line of fire to our ships yet!" However a second frequency came on our audiotransmitter, one from Mr. Obama himself, "Do not destroy the antifighter, capture it!" Those seven words made my job much harder. Our fighters swam thru a swarm of soviet drones, only one of our ships was destroyed; we sent all our power to shields and engines. We could then see the Czokanye visibly, and prepared our docking ports and cutting lasers. My and Kat's ship landed on the Czokanye and started sawing thru its relatively delicate armour. Several other soldiers got in first, but eventually we made it thru and dashed into its hull. The only reason we survived was because of the piles of our comrade's corpses blocking the shots from the soviets. We had definatly not expected this much resistance...but what we expected even less was the injuries most of our dead sustained: none. He stood there preparing to discharge more gaseous death, a soviet Poison-Gas wielder. Kat, I, and a soldier I didnt recognise had dispatched the Soviet regulars, but armoured he, the Gasser, stood there uninjured. We expected to die, but something we didnt expect occured. More deadly than the generic poison gas was what was contained in the canister the Gasser just loaded into his discharger. A gaseous strain of lysergic acid diethylamine, abbreviated LSD, could render our aiming innacurate and, thus, our guns temporarily worthless. We could not but stand there as other weapons tore our bodies to oblivion. And so we were doused in the colourful almost rainbow-like gas. We were now sitting ducks to be drenched in poisonous air, but somehow the soldier i didnt recognise pulled himself together, hauled himself over the pile of corpses, whipped out a knife, and sliced into the Gasser's armour, rending a small chunk of metal from it. Foolishly not realising this, the Gasser sprayed a column of poison at the soldier, some of it seeping into his suit. Both the soldier I did not know and his murderer died within a few seconds. Soon after we got more outside reinforcements and together we stormed the bridge of this Czokanye. And took command. Suffering very few losses from the Pyatnitsa, the Iconoclast was able to escape, its fighters in the Czokanye, newly renamed the Dartanian. With this Soviet antifighter under our control, the Soviets couldn't send their trackers into chronological breakdown, and, thus, we truly "escaped". But for some reason a document I discovered on the updated ships log referenced a Soviet station over Mars...I sincerely hope we're not attacking it...

so thats it, not much good, as with the last one, but i enjoyed writing it, and that the point, right?

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