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This article shows the whole arsenal of the Soviet Forces in Romanov's Vengeance.

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RV Front Symbole different size


Soviet Base


Expensive and slow but powerful armies.

Unrivaled on the battlefield using their arsenal of heavy machinery, propaganda and nuclear power to dominate anyone trying to oppose the Soviet Union.

We will bury them!

New Visuals:

Just like with the Allied Visuals we have also altered a few Soviet Models while still keeping the game close to the original.

New Sentry Gun

Sentry Gun made by MadHQ

New Rhino

Rhino Heavy Tank made by EoralMilk

New Meme 3s

V3 Launcher made by EoralMilk

RV Apocalypse Tank

Apocalypse Tank made by TX1138 and Stingerrr

New Assets:

Since we gave Allies the set of units Westwood wanted to originally release with RA2 we have decided to add new assets for Soviets as well to first of all increase their gameplay depth but also to compensate for their lack of unit variiety while also fixing the missing Aircraft Building that Soviets never had in the original.

Propaganda Tower

Propaganda Tower made by EoralMilk


Helipad by Nooze

Havoc Attack Helicopter

Havoc Attack Helicopter (Commander Power) made by Stingerrr

Anti tank helicopter

Hind Carryall

Hind Carryall made by Westwood

Can transport one vehicle at a time

early Black Kite

Black Kite (Special Unit of Vietnam) made by Bu7loos

Heavily armored Helicopter that drops Napalm Bombs


Hijacker made by Lord Kal

Unarmed soldiers that capture enemy vehicles

Iron Trooper

Iron Trooper (Placeholder Model by Mustapha)

Heavily armored Soldiers wielding mobile Iron Curtain devices

Mortar Tricycle

New Dust Trails

Mortar Tricycle made by Cranium

Fast and mobile vehicles armed with a long range mortar

Flame Tank

Flame Tank made by Shepherd Moons

Tanks armed with dual flamethrowers that can clear out garrisoned structures


Devastator (Secret Lab) made by Azri_Apoc

Superheavy Tank fueled with nuclear powered engines and armed with dual 120mm cannons that use nuclear fallout shells

Commander Powers:

In Romanov’s Vengeance you are able to gain experience by destroying enemy assets. You will earn Commander Points after gaining enough experience which you can use to unlock Commander Powers.

Soviet CPs

Soviet Commander Powers

The Soviet Commander Powers allow you to unlock Mother Russias heaviest Assault Helicopters, enable deadly Parabombs, unleash the fury of the soviet army with Propaganda or grant you permission to activate the V3 Storm.

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