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Southron Edition Part 2 is out. Play the newly improved Harad and Dunland faction as the mod evolves and improves.

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Southron Edition Part 2

Southron Edition Part 2 is now out, this new version builds on the Southron Edition release further refining and improving the Harad and Dunland faction.


As I covered in the last news post Dunland has received a comprehensive overhaul in visuals and game play.
They are now the go to faction for people who like an early game infantry rush.

  • They boast the best starting unit in the game now with the Dunlending Warriors being faster and bulkier than other starting units at the cost of not gaining heavy armour upgrades later.
  • The Dunlending Archers can be upgraded with Stealth through the Training Menu.
  • Dunland's Warhounds have been improved with Hunting Dog upgrade now also improving their attack and Warhounds weakening nearby cavalry.
    They are also cheaper making them an incredible early game unit for harassing enemies and capturing territory.
  • Orleth is a great early game support hero that is able to debuff enemies while also buffing them with a leadership boost.
  • Darlas has been reworked to function as a sort of sapper he's capable of moving while stealthed and setting up oil casks to burn down structures.
  • Talbor is a great raiding hero that is able to summon the Hobelars as well as dealing pretty strong damage to structures.
  • Ulric is an excellent support hero for the Warhounds capable of riding a mighty Warhound.
  • Dunland's spell list has been reworked to better fit their playstyle with the new Howl of Wolves able to buff Warhounds and Wildmen with double damage.
  • Clans of Dunland is capable of replacing lost units from your hordes over the entire map.
  • Gather the Clans now works on all Dunland infantry.


  • Harad has also been updated with new looks for their heroes and new skills.
  • Tahar is now a powerful support for the Harqa Warriors making them even stronger.
  • Asharin focuses now on supporting the Skirmishers able to heal them and buff their damage.
  • Maradin better supports cavalry with his "Hit and Run Tactics" that provides out of combat healing for nearby Cavalry allowing them to reenter the fray faster.
  • Harad loses Heavy armour and Horse shields to focus more on their offense and mobility. They are now cheaper as is the Stables so they can be brought out faster, they also deal more damage so while they lack survivability they pack a punch and in combination with Maradin they can now raid.

Harad's spell book has also been updated to better suit a more aggressive style.

  • Hordes of Harad allows you to quickly replenish lost units, Volley allows you to quickly dispatch enemies.
  • Fell Wind sucks enemies into a vortex of wind to disrupt them.
  • Great Beasts makes Mumakil build faster and half price for a short time.

The real power of Harad's spells is being able to combo them like using Fell Wind to draw enemies in, Sand Cloud to slow them and Volley to bombard them.

General Changes

  • A few general changes have been made to all factions.
  • The starting Command Point Limit has been increased to 450.
  • The Great Keep Upgrade has been made cheaper and is now required to unlock the Fortification and Training Menus it has also been changed to upgrade just the Citadel its purchased on.
  • Elite units are being changed to have 10 units to a horde.


  • The Industry expansion requires have been lowered to unlock each level now requires 3,5 and 7 Industry buildings from 5,7 and 9
  • Sharku has been improved to deal bonus damage to Sentry towers, his Maul recharges faster.
  • Lugdush has been changed to be an early game hero that is able to weaken enemy structures with his skills.
  • I've removed the White Hand Elites and Shathuk to streamline gameplay.


  • Golasgil and his Guard no longer require an upgrade to unlock.
  • Knights of Dol Amroth have been improved and are very much to go to late game unit for Fiefdoms.
  • Storehouse has been changed to be a resource structure with upgrades coming at level 2.


  • Mordor loses the Durthang Slavers and their respective Tribalism upgrade instead the Morannon Soldiers will be unlocked with the new Morannon Tribalism upgrade.
  • Lugmog now summons Morannon Soldiers intead of Slavers.
  • The Great Barracks has been removed and the Tribalism units are added to the Orc Pit instead now.
  • Mordor Fighters are now stronger.

This release is acting as a midway point between Southron and the Black Edition and I'll be taking feedback to help balance the mod going into Black Edition.
The best way to have a part in shaping the future Black Edition is joining the Discord where you'll also get exclusive access to test builds.

Join us on the ROS Discord server.

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Awesome, sounds like a terrific update! Thanks for all your continued hard work on this!

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Nice work! Btw, perhaps edit your CSS a bit, it's a bit hard to read the text ;)

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