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The source code for Mobility Mod v2 is now available.

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The source code for Mobility Mod v2 is now available here:

(or under the Files tab)

Who cares?

People who are making source engine mods, and want to include features from Mobility Mod without
having to code those features from scratch.

What is source code?

Don't worry about it.

If you're really interested, source code is what programmers write to create software. It's written in a programming language
(in this case, C++), and we use a program (in this case, Visual Studio 2013) to "compile" or "build" the
source code into binary code (in this case, client.dll and server.dll). The reason the Half-Life series
has such a huge variety of mods is that Valve released the source code and allow its use for free mods.
Most big game developers don't release their source code. This means if I wanted to make a Mobility Mod for e.g. Bioshock,
I wouldn't be able to, because I can't get the source code. So thanks, Valve.

What exactly are you releasing?

This source code release only contains the "game" and "public" directories, that are found under "sp/src"
in the Source SDK Base. You can't take this code and compile it on its own, you need to the merge the
parts you want into a working build of the SDK base.

How can I use this code in my mod?

You may add all or part of the code to your own mod, as long as
* your mod is free
* you give credit, E.g. "This mod uses code from Mobility Mod for Half-Life 2 by Rob Cruickshank"
* you don't laugh at my ugly code

The terms of the Source SDK license also still apply.

I'd prefer you not release a mod that is just Mobility Mod with minor changes. Make some maps, or new features/weapons/enemies etc. I'd also like to be notified, because I want to play your mod.

If you want to use this code in a commercial project,
e.g. a licensed Source engine game or mod sold on steam, contact me first. I can be bought.

To use this code you will need the Source SDK set up and compiling in Visual Studio first, then
add the parts of this code that you want.

If C++ programming isn't your thing, you may also make and release mods using Mobility Mod v2 as a base, as long as you give credit.

Does this mean you're not working on Mobility Mod anymore?

No, I am still working on version 3. I still have a lot to do, but I think it'll be done before Titanfall 3.

Hey! This code is terrible! Were you drunk when you wrote it?

Mostly no. May have overshot the Ballmer peak from time to time.

Best of luck.



That's some good stuff, Rob.

Hopefully a few skilled modders can make good use of the source code because I sure as hell can't lmao.

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"* you don't laugh at my ugly code" your code didn't make me laugh, this sentence did lmao

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