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A short update including a list of the tracks used in the demo, and what we're currently working on.

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Hi there, this is gonna be a really short update, because we have nothing to show! Not as in nothing to show at all, but nothing to publicly show. Sorry!

I will however post (a very overdue) track listing of the demo here.

Title screen: Femme Fatale by Perturbator

First level: Komodo by .Mosh

Post level: Bushes by Dark Naturex

Score Screen: Paradise by ALEX, Absoloute Valentine remix

Second level: Praxis by Makeup and Vanity set, Magic Sword remix

Third level: Enter the Yakuza Club by Hollywood Burns

Fourth level: Neo Tokyo by Perturbator

We're working slow, in all honesty, but working nonetheless. Our current priority is our new story, which although unimplemented in the demo, has been restarted from scratch. A lot of our basic sprite work and sounds are done, or close to being done, and our new soundtrack is being worked on by artists we've yet to reveal.

You can contact us at @TokyoTeam2041 on Twitter if you have any questions.

Thank you for your patience,

Tokyo Team.

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