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Doron (fan of Wc3:WoW) provides the Wc3:WoW Team with all the sounds and music they need for Wc3:WoW, with better quality than before too. This update also covers some other small improvements with the mod as well.

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It has been a while since the last update, so I figured it's time to throw a bit of insight on what's going on at you all.

Terrain is making minor progress at the moment. For about this entire week, I've been focused a lot on school and doing concept art for another project. However, World of Warcraft has also been taking my time up as well. I will likely do some more work this weekend though, so stay tuned!

Character Creation is coming along. I haven't heard too many major updates from Yixx yet - he's been busy with homework and tests. But he is working and is doing a great job with the limited time he has to work.

Mulgrim, a potential member of Hive Workshop who may be joining us, has notified me that he started on a Worgen model. Don't get excited, they won't be playable. They'll just be in Silverpine Forest and Shadowfang Keep.

But to get down to what I really made this post about, other than the fact that forever has gone by and we need proof we're not dead, an old dedicated fan of Wc3:WoW, Doron, has reappeared at the WarCraft III modding community of The Hive Workshop and is providing me and the rest of the Wc3:WoW Team with all of sound files from World of Warcraft - including music. What's good about this, aside from the fact that we now have much more sounds than we did before, is that the quality of the sound is surprisingly much better than before. I'm not sure why, but it is. So, now we can guarantee that you can say goodbye to a ton more sounds and especially the music of WarCraft III when playing Wc3:WoW.

You may not realize it, but sounds and music in Wc3:WoW from World of Warcraft is very important. It's a small detail that has a big effect on the players, psychologically. The more it looks and sounds like WoW, the better and more familiarized the player will be. If we can get a player from World of Warcraft and easily recognize sounds, songs, areas, items, etc. from WoW in Wc3:WoW, then our goal has been accomplished.

PS: Sorry if this seems like a lame update. I figured posting would help notify you all that there is progress being made - things are just a little slow this week. Will try to pick up the pace again and catch up though! ;-)

hamanyouranus and Hawkwing have worked together on the Muglore Braizer model for Wc3:WoW, which you find placed alongside roads in Mulgore, Thunder Bluff, and The Barrens. It looks really great and I will provide screenshots of it in the next terrain update.


it feels good to see that you guys still live and making progress! :D

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yeah!! continue to live, guys!!

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