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I've decided on what kind of music and sound I want to use. I'm gonna share them with you!

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I've decided on what I want my sounds and music coming from.

I've decided on using a few voice lines from the survivors from L4D for different metrocop voices. Why? Just because. And I want to save myself the trouble of voice acting, and finding voice actors. So I'll use a few from L4D/L4D2, and HL2. Mainly the rebel voices for, well, the rebels. The L4D screams/lines will go directly to the metrocops and other Combine, maybe.

Now, with music. I've decided to use some remixes of already existing HL2 songs. Such as Particle Ghost, Sector Sweep, and What Kind of Hospital is This? from EP2. I've also decided to use either a remix of Something Secret Steers Us/Nuclear Fission Jam or Cara Mia Addio for the credits. I'm still deciding.

So that's all you're going to hear from me for now. I'll be handpicking lines I feel fit the story I want to tell, and music too. Then, I'll get to modelling and mapping. Maybe.

Only time will tell.

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