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An update for Sound Overhaul (a Dreamcast sound mod) has been released

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Sound Overhaul 2: a Dreamcast sound mod

I'm happy to announce the release of Sound Overhaul 2, which you can download here.

This mod is a complete audio overhaul (well, almost) for Sonic Adventure DX PC. It replaces most ingame sound effects with files ripped from the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure, as well as restores missing ambient noises, missing sounds in cutscenes and other sound effects.

For this update, I have used a better ripping and conversion algorithm that allowed me to get rid of unwanted reverb and fix many volume problems plaguing the first test release of Sound Overhaul. I have also gone through all sounds manually and made sure they sounded good (in my opinion) in the game by playing through the whole story for all characters and making manual adjustments to volume, looping etc.

This version replaces all sounds in the game with the exception of Chao-related sounds and Metal Sonic sound clips. It is by no means an accurate recreation of the way SA1 sounded on the Dreamcast (both volume- and effect-wise), and I had to make arbitrary decisions along the way regading the volume of many sounds. Still, I hope you like it!

Known issues with this release:

  • Some sounds may be more quiet or loud than needed.
  • Some sounds may be still missing. This is because the game doesn't use them even though they are present. It is likely that the same happens in the Dreamcast version.
  • Some sounds may get cut off. This is due to a bug in SADX code that occurs when playing the game at 60 FPS.
  • Some sounds are still different in comparison with the Dreamcast version. It is likely that the Dreamcast applied additional effects to original sounds, which need to be implemented separately.

If you found a problem with a sound in this mod, please report it on the issue tracker.

SonicFreak94 for helping me disable the sound ID check in Mystic Ruins' Final Egg hub


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