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Build 0.2.6 is now available, featuring lots of polish and a new 1UP system in End of Times.

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Happy Holidays, you filthy animals!

Build 0.2.6 has been pushed out to Steam and this build includes a lot of polish and new features, most prominently the ability to earn a 1UP by capturing enemy souls!

When enemies are killed, they release their soul.

Previously, when players collected them, they would just earn 10 points to their total score for the current End of Times run. Now, players can capture them at the Devil Head statue to earn a 1UP.

Players can carry multiple souls at a time. When players capture 5 souls total, they will earn a 1UP. If they are playing cooperatively, all players will earn a 1UP. Be warned, for when you die, you will lose all captured souls and your chance for a 1UP will be rest.

On the Tarot Card front, the Angelic card has been tweaked to not provide such a dramatic jump height boost anymore, which was very difficult to control and made the effect less then desirable. Now, the jump height boost has been reduced allowing players to have greater control, yet still earn an advantage and reach higher platforms with ease.

The soul capture effect in the Capture the Soul game mode has also been polished. Instead of just spinning around the capture point, it will spin but then head towards the player who made the capture. It's a small change, but a nice effect that better communicates who made the capture and that it awarded them a point.

If you haven't noticed yet, the rain effects in the Cemetery arenas have also been greatly improved. Rain drops are now present in the background, and random rain splashes appear on the ground.

Here's a full list of changes in this build.


  • Versus game modes now use a new end of match summary window that’s similar to End of Times.
  • Improved soul capturing effect in Capture the Soul game mode.

End of Times

  • Nomed roaming behavior has been improved.
  • Added small time delay between sub-wave spawnings.
  • Bloody Mary is pushed back upon being hit with a projectile.
  • Film grain degrade effect has been fixed; will now degrade at an appropriate time.

Tarot Cards

  • Improved Angelic behavior. Provided jump boost has been decreased, allowing for much greater control and accuracy.


  • Added bullet ricochet sound effect for when bullets ricochet off of shields.
  • Player spawns have been improved. Players will now face other upon spawning. Selection of spawn points is also improved for better placement.
  • Improved rain effects in Cemetery arenas.

I leave with some more of Milan Jaram's fantastic concept art, featuring the Preacher.

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This game is straight gold! 100% pure!


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