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Beta test sign ups announcement and summary of our progress since Christmas.

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Kuba from My Next Games here again. It’s been almost a month since my last Soulblight update so it’s about time for another one :) As it is January let’s start with my new year resolution ;). This year I decided for it to be a video dev blog. I plan on posting short weekly video updates on our Soulblight development :) Here’s the first one (rest you can find on our youtube channel)

As you know last month we closed down Beta. Since then we’ve been working on the game menus. These might not be the most exciting game elements but there are not many games that can do without them :) It was also a prefect monet for us to take care of those as we needed time to gather and destile all the game feedback form the December Update.

Soulblight Gif Enemies04

First of all we’ve focused on adding some video options. Those of you who told us that the game is a bit too dark might be happy to hear that now there is an in game brightness slider :) As to the cases of people suffering from the motion sickness - we added an option to turn off the fish eye effect we use to enhance the feeling of depth in the game.

After options screen we went for game credits. Those of you who decided to support our kickstarter campaign after our next update will be able to find their name in the backers section there :)

And last but not the least - the title screen :) Someone smart once told me:

“Game’s title screen is like a first sentence of a book. It’s not a reason anyone reaches for it but it’s vital for drawing people in”

To be honest I’m not sure how true it is :) I personally am a slow reader and so books are not the medium I’m very comfortable with. But I’ve always been a fan of atmospheric game title screens :) Here’s how Soulblight Title screen look like right now.

Soulblight Menu

Right now entire menu is already implemented and we’re preparing for another round of polishing. it should take us about two weeks after which we will publishing another major game update. We also plan on running a bit more focused round of gameplay test on that occasion. (Don’t worry we will still send out the demo invites to people form the mailing list besides that :) ) If you don’t have a Demo access and you’d like to participate fill out the form in the link below:

That would be all for today folks ;)

Cya Around,


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