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Another 17 work day on Soul Saga. Quite a lot of polishing and balancing. The game is shaping up nicely for a Kickstarter demo!

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Soul Saga Piere

I'm writing this at 4 A.M., and have still yet to sleep. I've been working on Soul Saga since 11 A.M.! I got basically all of my goals done today, including adding the debuffs to skills, and I even implemented debuff consuming skills. The above picture was created by my friend, Konomi. She had a blast playing with the character customization system. She said that it was a great blend of simplicity and power. I hope others enjoy it just as much!

Soul Saga Battle 1

I plan to do some polishing in the character customization menu, implementing more particle effects, and checking around for other visual tweaks that I should be making before creating video for the Kickstarter.

Day 41 (2013/03/10 Su)
17 hrs. Today ( 389.25 Total)

  • Actors
    • Fixed a bug where the shield’s regeneration continued beyond 100%.
    • Fixed a bug where the shield would not break by being held too long.
    • There is now a .2 second delay before a shield can be activated again after releasing it.
    • Implemented Parry!
      • A successful parry reduces damage by 100%.
      • An actor parries when they have initiated the block within 0.1 seconds before taking damage.
      • This concept essentially means that a character is immune during the first 0.1 seconds of activating their block.

    • Fixed a bug where skill cooldown reduction, attack speed, and movement speed were not being reduced by the slow debuff.

  • Backend
    • Cleaned up code in several places ( will this ever NOT make it into a daily diary?)

  • GUI
    • Floating health bars no longer appear when hovering over the player’s character.
    • When an actor blocks, their shield will display below them, similar to the floating health bar. The shield’s color is yellow.
    • When the player hovers above their health or experience HUD, an informative tooltip pops up with exact values and an explanation on each.
    • Added Debuff HUD elements above player’s health bar.
      • Hovering over these will display an informative tooltip.

    • The skill HUD now properly displays the largest of the 3 delays: remaining cooldown, silence, or stun.
    • Skill tooltips are now able to construct a sentence pattern based on the debuffs the skill applies.
    • Updated skill shot, target aoe, and blink skills with the new tooltips.
    • When an actor’s shield breaks, there is now red text stating “BROKE!” and a sound effect.
    • Damage dealt to the player’s character is now displayed as red text (was white).
    • When an actor is healed, the amount healed is now displayed as green text.

  • Project Management
    • Contacted art studio (Robekka) regarding Kickstarter.
    • Contacted a vendor on price estimates for models for the Kickstarter rewards.

  • Public Relations
    • Finished blog post Update 9 and posted it across the common social media sites.

  • Skills
    • Skills now have varying chances to contain burn, weaken, slow, stun, or silence on hit applications.
    • Balanced the skill shot in several ways, and added scaling to damage based on the types of debuffs and how many of each are applied.
    • Burn now increases damage taken by 0.5% per stack ( previously 1%).
    • Weak now decreases damage dealt by 0.5% per stack ( previously 1% ).
    • Countless amounts of balancing tweaks related to Skill Random Generation by adding different rules for different skill types.
      • An example is if the blink or target AoE skill has a stun or silence, it does not have a chance to also deal damage or place debuffs.

    • Added an arcane particle effect version to the projectile skill.
    • Added a debuff consuming option to skillshots.
      • Two possibilities: stuns opponents at 20 stacks of certain debuff, or deals an extra 3% per amount of that debuff on the target. The stun consumes only the stacks required, and the damage increase consumes all stacks of the specified debuff.
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