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Soul Saga's 38th Dev Diary. Today's top accomplishment was the first shop!

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Soul Saga The First Shop

Today I finished the first Soul Saga shop! I am playing around with the idea of using a Zelda inspired shop interface, which is kind of not an interface at all. The available shop items are on the ground, the player clicks on them as if they were normal loot, the view changes to show the player and the shop keeper, and then a confirmation screen pops up asking if they want to buy it. I feel that normal shop menus make the player feel disconnected from the game's world. This Zelda-like system is an attempt to keep players engaged in the world.

Tomorrow I will do balancing on the dungeon progression so that it can be played through without cheating, add a few more skills, and implement healing orb drops on enemy death.

Day 38 (2013/03/07 Th) 10 hrs. Today (355.75 Total)

  • Backend
    • Code cleanup in several places.
  • Camera
    • Implemented the ability for the camera to change in social situations.
  • Dungeons
    • Implemented an item shop!
      • The shop spawns 3 random items.
      • The camera view changes to the side view when selecting an item.
      • A confirmation dialog pops up to confirm the purchase.
  • Project Management
    • Contacted composer (Holly) regarding the Kickstarter.
    • Contacted art team (Robekka) regarding the Kickstarter.
    • Contacted video producer (Neil) regarding the Kickstarter.
  • Public Relations
    • Replied to several posts on Facebook and IndieDB.

Don't forget to take a break every now and then from working on the game. It will be good for your brain to rest, and reflect back on your work. Burn out is a nasty thing, so take some measures to avoid it.

Just a humble reminder :)

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Disastercake Author

I think that's some good advice, Fib. =) If I didn't enjoy working on the game more than anything else in this world, it might be easier for me to do that. Most the time it really doesn't even feel like work to me. But I promise that if I'm starting to feel burned out I will take a day off so I don't crash and burn. =)

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