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Soul Saga Dev Diary number 37. Today I implemented health bars for the characters and started working on a checkpoint break room.

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Soul Saga Floating Health Bar


Today I finally got back to some Soul Saga programming! The most visual change in this update was the floating health bars that appear next to a character when hovering the mouse over them. I also started working on adding a checkpoint room where the player can shop. This will take at least another day to finish implementing , though.

Tomorrow I will continue working on the checkpoint room and hopefully implement the basic shopkeeper who spawns random items that can be purchased.

Day 37 (2013/03/06 W)
7.5 hrs. Today (345.75 Total)

  • Actors
    • Fixed a bug where an actor may spawn with cooldowns from a previous actor that used the same pooled ActorController.
  • Backend
    • Code Cleanup in a few places.
  • Dungeons
    • Player is no longer healed when transitioning to a new dungeon floor.
    • Started Implementing a checkpoint floor where the player can shop and heal.
  • GUI
    • Implemented health bars.
      • If you hover over the player or an enemy, a small health bar will appear underneath them.
      • If the player hovers over their own character, the health bar is green. If they hover over an enemy it is red.
  • Project Management
    • Continued e-mail interview with Craig Stern from
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