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Our latest update is our biggest yet! Containing not only our final level of Chapter Two but more rooms to explore and a brand new POWER!

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Our latest update is our biggest yet! Containing not only our final level of Chapter Two but more rooms to explore and a brand new POWER! We took a little longer with this update to fit in as much new content and bug fixes as possible. So, what's all the fuss about? Here we go...

Soul Axiom Screenshots

  • Hoorah! We have our fourth and final level of Chapter Two, The War Zone. Explore the memory alongside tanks, helicopters, AI bots and more!
  • A brand new soundtrack for the front end menu. A trip down memory lane for this one...
  • The HUB has had a make-over and now features the Trophy Room and the Memory Capsules. The Trophy Room is there for you to keep track of your PEMO's, this will be updated soon so you know exactly what PEMO's you have collected and which level you need to re-visit to find the clues to your story. The Memory Capsules are a collection of your memories that you unlock at the end of each level.
  • We've now introduced a brand new power! The Destroy power! We have implemented some changes to the previous levels for this power but the real fun will come in Chapter Three which will be available soon.
  • We have been working hard on creating general improvements to the flow to the game and with that, comes a brand new save system. Please Note: Because of this new system, any progress after the HUB level will have been lost which means players will have to re-visit these levels. This was a decision we had to make to create a better gaming experience for all future levels and ideas we will be bringing to the game. A lot has been added to the game over the past couple of weeks so this will give you a chance to see what's new in the world of Elysia.
  • You may or may not have noticed there are a few strange and mysterious items that can be found in the game. All will be revealed in future levels of the game. Have you found what we are talking about?

Additional Bug Fixes
- Improved the Jump animation so it doesn't slow the game down.
- Issues causing the ball to disappear in Desert Temple.
- Issues breaking the See No Evil Puzzle when being caught pushing the lever.
- Lighting improvements to Jungle.
- Improved collisions in the Play room.
- It's now easier to grab the cube in the water puzzle of The Beach.
- Improved textures in The Beach.
- New ending to The Beach.
- Improved water visuals and SFX in the water puzzle of The Beach.
- You now receive achievement for completing The Beach.
- Bigger hit box on the pickup in Aztec room of The Museum.
- Improvements to the monkey puzzles in The Jungle.
- Improved some lagging issues in various levels.
- Improvements to the in-game pause menu.
- Fixed issue with the city puzzle where the light stops rotating and the 4th quarter doesn't turn green when completing.

- Smoother transitions of SFX across all levels.
- General SFX added to The Beach.
- New music added after the explosion in the HUB
- Balanced music levels during the hologram talk in the HUB
- Footstep SFX added.

- Animation tweaks in The Beach and The Museum.
- Subtle hand and head bobbing animation added.
- New animation for getting the Play power.

We want to thank you all for your support so far and we hope you enjoy all the new content we have put into this update. We are continuing to work on all the ideas and suggestions given to us as well as the bug fixes that you have logged.

Let us know what you think of the latest update by leaving comments, discussions, screenshots or videos!

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