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The start of the year brings you an update featuring new areas, additional puzzles, bug fixes and general improvements to various levels and the flow of the game. We've also revamped some of the levels from Chapter Two.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you have all enjoyed your holidays and had a great start to 2015. The start of the year brings you an update featuring new areas, additional puzzles, bug fixes and general improvements to various levels and the flow of the game. We've also revamped some of the levels from Chapter Two.

Soul Axiom Screenshots

  • The Library is now available! Visit this area to keep track of all your PEMO's. Use this information to piece together the clues to the story and re-visit areas to find all those hidden monkeys you may have previously missed.
  • The HUB has had a further make-over and now includes the platform for Chapter Three levels! Use your skills to solve the new HUB puzzle to unlock this area. We've also evolved the centre beam in the HUB, which will be more apparent the more you play. Chapter Three levels will be unlocked soon so watch out for more updates!
  • A brand new puzzle has been added to the end of War Zone for you to unlock your memory. We've also made some minor improvements to other puzzles in the War Zone. Don't forget you must complete all of Chapter Two to unlock the path to the Destroy Room!
Soul Axiom Screenshots

  • Check out the new Jungle level! We've revisited this area to improve the visuals for a more interesting and engaging experience complete with new foliage, new textures and improved sun shafts.
  • Improved visuals in the HUB. We've tweaked various models and textures in this area with a new ladder to Chapter Three, improved visuals on the hologram and props that better represent Chapter Three.
  • The monkey trophies have a new look! Take a screenshot and let us know what you think!

Additional bug fixes
- Hint system for Destroy power implemented.
- Fixed an issue with the Play power breaking when using with the water attack in The Beach.
- Fixed an issue with Play power breaking in War Zone.
- Added subtitles for the AI in HUB.
- Fixed issue with building not turning green in the Museum.
- General improvements to visuals in War Zone.
- Fixed issue with the Tank puzzle in War Zone.
- Changed spawn point in Elysium Fields after falling from buggy.
- General improvements to the Destroy room, including improved hints on objects and a clearer way to escape the room.
- SFX Tweaks for walking through water.
- Fixed issues with FOV not working at certain levels.
- Removed SFX playing when spawning at the HUB.
- Fixed graphical issue with the lever in the Jungle.
- General collision tweaks in War Zone.
- SFX improvements in War Zone.

- MAJOR FIX - issue with Play and Phase objects being semi-transparent with Open GL rendering.
- Fixed issue with end puzzle of War Zone not working properly.
- New visual effect on laptops in the Library.
- Improved SFX for walking through shallow water.
- Tweaks to drone puzzle in War Zone.
- Animated event added to War Zone.
- Fixed an issue with two pieces destroying on death in Destroy room.

There is currently an issue with Avast Anti-Virus deleting the game's .EXE file without any warning. We are currently in the middle of resolving this issue with Avast but for a temporary fix to the problem, please see this post.

We are continuing to work on Chapter Three and more which you should expect to see in the forthcoming weeks so keep an eye out!

If you’re a fan of the Early Access game and think it’s worth shouting about, check out the review page and leave your comments. Chapter Three is just around the corner so thank you all for waiting and we hope you’re looking forward to it!

We want to thank you all for supporting us through 2014. It has been a phenomenal year for us with releases of Master Reboot, Gravity Badgers, Infinity Runner and of course, Soul Axiom. We were lucky enough to have travelled the world exhibiting our games at various events such as GDC San Fran, EGX London, Develop Brighton and the Tokyo Game Show and we look to build on that with appearances at some other shows around the world in 2015.

Follow this link to recap on all our news, game releases and awards in 2014

Let us know what you think of the latest update by leaving comments, discussions, screenshots or videos!

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