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Here's a Q&A about what to expect in the Early Access release of Soul Axiom.

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These Q&A's have all been picked from our Steam discussion pages where gamers are already getting involved with the development. If you have any questions to add then fire away!!

1 - In master Reboot you where given the option to enter a main lobby and choose which area/memory you wanted to go in any order you wanted, Will this be a similar experience or is this game going to be a straight one way path?
Similar to Master Reboot on your journey you will reach a central hub area (your Soul Station) where you will be given a selection of memories to access and you play them in the order that you choose. Once the first batch of memory levels are completed then the next selection are unlocked for you to digest in the order you want. Although a new feature we are adding will bring replay value for all the levels accessed in your Soul Station, I can't go into that too much because I don't want to give spoilers.

2- Are the areas of this game a little more open than Master Reboot while some of the areas felt open they where still keeping you on a path. I ask this because I am all about exploration and just wanted to know if some of the areas you go into require you to explore to take in the surroundings while trying to solve a puzzle.
We do intend to give more freedom to certain locations in Soul Axiom to allow more exploration and less funneling of the player. The game will still have claustrophobic levels but we will be complimenting these with some bigger free roaming areas which encourage the player to explore. There will be lots of clues to find scattered throughout the game which again work with the memories unlock to help you piece the story together.

3 - We Only see one of the game mechanics via the video with the Glove and the pillar is the main focus of the puzzle solving in this game concentrated around the glove and does it have different ability's that you unlock?
Where as in Master Reboot we had pickups like the axe, gun and metal detector which could only be used on the current memory level associated with them. In Soul Axiom the abilities you unlock stay with you throughout the game. As you progress through the game you will unlock a range of abilities which allow you to manipulate and change the environments (dynamic adaptive environments we are calling it in the team). So your abilities will grow throughout the game and the further you progress the more abilities you unlock which allow you to manipulate your surroundings in different ways to solve puzzles and progress.

4 - Reading the description of the game is seems very similar plot line to Master Reboot where memories are involved are saved to the soul cloud in this game it is called Elysia, Apart from the obvious difference of you seem to be searching your memories in this game what else is different to make it feel like a separate game from master reboot.

I can promise you that the plot line for Soul Axiom is very different, even though we are exploring the “uploading your soul” premise again we have a new cast and new story which is more ambitious than our last title. Obviously I can’t give too much away but we are hoping that the narrative we’re developing will have more depth, complexity and make you want to get to the end to piece it all together and reveal the whole story. There will also be more hidden narrative strands and if you don't fully explore the game you will get a warped version of the story.
We'll also be addressing the universally hated 2D Cutscenes which we used to represent memories in Master Reboot. This time they will be all created in 3D and will complement the visual style of the game and be more immersive. I can also promise no platforming gameplay either, it was something that most of the community didn't like about the last game.

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Thank you all for the support and don't forget Soul Axiom is out on November 17th!

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